Ministry of Defense Visit

DCB UNMinistry of Defense Visit

On the 28th of February the Spanish Minister of Defence, Mrs. Margarita Robles Fernández, visited the C-IED COE.

On her arrival, she was welcomed by the Director, Deputy Director and the other Senior National Representatives of the Centre.

During her visit the Director provided her an overview of the C-IED COE its purpose and organization and informed her on the main activities carried out by the SMEs.

After the presentation, she visited the laboratory of the Centre and signed the Honor Visitor´s book before she left.




DCB Package for U.N./NATO Peacekeeping Training

DCB UNDCB Package for U.N./NATO Peacekeeping Training

On 6 February 2020, the C-IED CoE attended a conference in Entebbe, Uganda in support of NATO, the U.N., and UNMAS to discuss a possible DCB package for U.N. peacekeeping training. The conference was held at the RSCE (Regional Service Center Entrebbe). Discussed how the UN and NATO working together to support UNMAS project to teach U.N. EOD/IEDD standards to a few regional support centers in Africa to improve peacekeeping operations.




United Nations EOD Military Unit Manual Revision Workshop

UNUM eodUnited Nations EOD Military Unit Manual Revision Workshop

From 3-7 February 2020, the C-IED COE hosted eight personnel on the revision of the United Nations EOD Military Munitions Manual (EODMUM). The group consisted of members from the C-IED COE, the NATO Liaison Office to the United Nations, officers from the Armed Forces of Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and Brazil, along with United Nations personnel from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPO) and the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS).

The purpose of the revision is to development a way forward with regards to transitioning the United Nations EOD from IED Threat Mitigation (IED-TM) to a broader C-IED strategy. The group facilitated this objective through the re-wording in the EODMUM from IED-TM to C-IED, revising the nine EOD Task, Condition, and Standards, and drafted a three page point paper highlighting the need for a new United Nations C-IED strategy. 

At the conclusion of the revision workshop, NATO and the United Nations agreed to continue supporting this effort and to assist in other projects when requested. 


3 JDEAL Special Training Course on Basic DOCEX

3 JDEAL Special Training Course on Basic DOCEX

The Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL), within its course calendar, organized the “3rd JDEAL Special Training Course (JSTC) on Basic DOCEX” in Soesterberg (The Netherlands) from 20th to 23rd January 2020.

C-IED COE, with one SME, attended to the course that consisted of a complete 4-day with instruction and practical exercises for the students. The training was designed to teach students to be aware of the existing personal documents’ types, the materials used to build it and the relative printing techniques.

The instructors were from The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee “Identity Fraud and Documents Center of Expertise” (ECID). 

With this course, the participants will be able to know and use the appropriate equipment to exploit personal identity documents, recognizing with a certain level of assurance if are originally issued, false or forged. 


Site survey NMIOTC (Weapons Intelligence supplement in maritime environment)

CIAC 2019Site survey NMIOTC (Weapons Intelligence supplement in maritime environment)

On 13-10 October 2019, upon invitation of the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center - Greece, two members of the C-IED COE participated in a site survey intended to assess the local conditions and available Infrastructures for the organization and conduct of the Weapons Intelligence supplement course in maritime environment. This is a course planned as a solution to fill the operational gap identified in the Annual Discipline Conference 2018 and it’s planned for 2020.