United Nations EOD Military Unit Manual Revision Workshop

UNUM eodUnited Nations EOD Military Unit Manual Revision Workshop

From 3-7 February 2020, the C-IED COE hosted eight personnel on the revision of the United Nations EOD Military Munitions Manual (EODMUM). The group consisted of members from the C-IED COE, the NATO Liaison Office to the United Nations, officers from the Armed Forces of Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and Brazil, along with United Nations personnel from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPO) and the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS).

The purpose of the revision is to development a way forward with regards to transitioning the United Nations EOD from IED Threat Mitigation (IED-TM) to a broader C-IED strategy. The group facilitated this objective through the re-wording in the EODMUM from IED-TM to C-IED, revising the nine EOD Task, Condition, and Standards, and drafted a three page point paper highlighting the need for a new United Nations C-IED strategy. 

At the conclusion of the revision workshop, NATO and the United Nations agreed to continue supporting this effort and to assist in other projects when requested.