Lessons Learned Workshop

The aim of the LLWS is to feed the NATO Lessons Learned Database for the improving of NATO and national operations and to increase the knowledge of missions that different nations/agencies are conducting in countries with a high lEO threat in order to facilitate and enhance interaction in the multinational C-IEO community.

 LLWS 2017

 LLWS 2017

We want to discuss in our annual workshop the Improvised Threats with briefs and discussions on those "new" threats that impact our civil societies and that should encourage military-Iaw enforcement coordination at international leve!. This panel should offer a methodical, logical, and analytical approach to evaluating the vulnerability of organizations/forces to any type of terrorist attack.

Update ENEMY Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (ENY TTPs) from current operations in order to gain Observations and Lesson Identified (L1).Learn from the Improvised Threats.

Learn from our last support in NATO exercises and discuss outcome for the institutionalization of C-IED.

Learn from different activities around Defense Capacity Building (OCB) engagement with partners and discuss alternative opportunities to support this kind of programme/activity for the future

Facilitate and enhance interaction in the multinational C-IEO Community of Interest (Col): "Information exchange out of theatre" - find the gap of the CIED LL community info sharing

COEs Lesson Learned process - Develop the "C-IED links" between each COEs: Gain Lessons Identified (L1) and develop further/closer cooperation between them.


pdf C IED COE LLWS 23 Calling Letter (724 KB)