7th Spanish Symposium on "Resarch and Development in Defense and Security "

DESEI 20197th Spanish Symposium on "Resarch and Development in Defense and Security "

The National Armaments Directorate of the Spanish Ministry of Defence has organized the 7th National Symposium on Research and Development (R&D) in Defense and Security 2019 (DESEI+D 2019). DESEI+D 2019 was held in the SP Naval NCOs School sited in San Fernando –Cádiz- (Spain). This Congress has been an excellent forum where all main ESP military and civilian stakeholders related with R&D issues in the Defence and Security field have had opportunities to present and discuss the latest research made in some of the seven (7) areas related with defence and security as focused on: (1) Weapon systems and Ammunition; (2) Sensors and Electronic Systems –radar, electromagnetic warfare, optronics; (3) Platforms (ground, naval, aerial, satellites); (4) Future Soldier Systems; (5) C-IED and CBRN; (6) Information systems and C4I; and (7) Society, Economics, Geopolitics, Psychology, Medical Support and Energy.

 164 speakers came from military, R&D centers, Centers for Technological and Industrial Development, high technology laboratories, Academia, specialized Centers (C-IED COE) and ESP Ministries as Defence; Science, Innovation and Universities; Internal Affairs and Industry & Commerce. Almost 600 delegates attended DESEI+D 2019 and the C-IED COE presented its two R&D ongoing projects: (1) “Protection of Infrastructures and Systems Against Explosions– Advanced Protective Coatings (PRINSE - APC)” and (2) “SAFEDRONE project: UAV mounted GPR imaging system for IEDs detection”. DESEI+D has become a mature Symposium for Defence & Security.