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The reception of the accommodation is not assisted, so you will not find anyone in the building when you will arrive.
In the hall there are two electronic lockers dispensers of keys.

VERY IMPORTANT: The administration of the residence will send a few days before your entry, an email indicating the room assigned and your access code. If you do not receive this email, please contact us through the email address provided:

Upon arrival, go to the closet that has a sticker with the name of your course and on the keyboard perform the following actions. 

• 1. Press OK key.
• 2. When the message "enter your" PIN appears, you will enter the assigned four-digit PIN.
• 3. Once the number has been entered, press OK.
• 4. At that moment your name will appear on the display and you can open the cabinet.
• 5. A blue LED indicates the key that can be removed, which corresponds to your room.