From October 28th to November 8th Nato C-IED Center of Excellence supported the Royal Dutch Forces with subject matter expertise to their multinational training event named CLOCKWORK ORANGE. The 2019 iteration included units from USA, Nederland, Germany and Sweden. The focus of the event was technical exploitation and the final step in the development of the 108th Technical Exploitation Intelligence Company as a part of the Joint ISTAR battalion in the Dutch forces. Along with the Dutch efforts US Army Europe tested their concept with a soldier-manned equivalent to a level 2 exploitation facility with impressing results.

The training audience was presented to various objectives to exploit, testing their ability to adapt to the situation and to the threat. Several of the tasks were conducted by integrated units from different nations aiming to create a learning environment and to provide opportunities for cross-national training. The 2019 CLOCKWORK ORANGE included a complete set of technical exploitation capabilities enabling the participating units to follow the exploitation chain from collection to dissemination of the final report. The scenario challenged the training audience with a transition from hybrid tactics to full combat against a fictitious peer to peer adversary. This transition fits right into the NATO alliance focus area and was the first step into the future of technical exploitation in a hybrid warfare scenario and was very appreciated by the participating nations.