Ex Ardent Defender 2019

Ex Ardent Defender 2019Ex Ardent Defender 2019

C-IED CoE participated to the exercise Ardent Defender 2019 (EX AD 19) with two members of the Center from 30th Sep to 17 Oct 2019. EX AD series of exercises is an annual international exercise planned, organized and executed by the Canadian Joint Counter Explosive Task Force (CAN JCET TF). The main objective is to exercise the complete Cycle of Exploitation in a Joint Inter-Agency Multi-National Public (JIMP) environment in order to manage an emerging complex threat. This year apart from focusing on the exploitation cycle and the holistic approach of the IED problem, our C-IED CoE undertook the responsibility to mentor a Defense Capacity Building Plan (DCB Plan) for the fictitious “Host Nation of Atropia” as one of the three main Lines of Effort (LoE) during the exercise.