JEADL Basic Training Course

DCB UNJEADL Basic Training Course

C-IED COE attended to “24th JDEAL Basic Training Course (JBTC)” in Soesterberg, The Netherlands, from 10-20 February 2020 which was organized by The Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL), within its courses calendar.

The Basic training Course is to certify single national appointed and already qualified personnel to operate in a JDEAL Deployable Capability (JDC) according to their acquired functionalities.

The course is not to qualify on single functionalities (e.g. DOMEX, FOREX, etc.) but is to render attendees available to work as a Level 2 Exploitation Laboratory Crew, contributing with their already acquired knowledge and specializations. To do so, the Course focuses on the ability to run JDCs specific equipment applying JDEAL Standing Operating Procedures (SOP), understanding the role and interactions of each operator in-between the Laboratory, applying the whole Level 2 chain of Technical Exploitation and Analysis.

Additionally, all personnel will be trained on common Laboratory productions as: safe and security; initiate, fill-inn and validate Reports; photography of DMAT; initiate and/or continue the chain of custody.