A Spanish Coat of Arms. Chequy sable (black) and argent (silver) of five and six orders. A explosion of gules (red) filleted of argent, crossed by a sword erect proper is argent with hilt and pommel or. Emphasized a gold Burgundy cross (St. Andrew cross). Over all the NATO emblem (consists of a compass rose (and lines reaching out from it), silver bordure with the inscription COE C-IED of sable

The chequy, to way of a chessboard, symbolizes the Global Approach, with civilian and military elements, in the fight against the terrorist threat and of the Improvised Explosive Devices. The sword crossing the explosion represents the fight against the System. The red of the explosion represents the fire and the silver fillet remembers the fight in the technological plane against the devices. The Burgundy cross, represents humility and the suffering, in addition to being a traditional symbol in the Spanish Armed Forces. The NATO emblem alludes to so much to the commitment in the active fight against the terrorism and in the C-IED area, like a the reference that supposes on the procedures, doctrine and activities of this center.