Basic IED Field Exploitation Course (BIFEC) in Hungary

Basic IED Field Exploitation Course (BIFEC)

NATO C-IED COE continued its efforts to provide with C-IED focused training for the Jordanian Security and Military Forces (JAF) under the umbrella of Jordanian DCB project, sponsored by NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division (NATO ESCD), Science for Peace and Security (SPS). In this framework, based on the Request for Support for the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF), a two weeks BIFEC course had been organized and held at the HDF Non Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) within the period of 7-18 October 2019. The event had been planned and organized by the C-IED COE along and in close coordination with the C-IED training personnel of HDF NCOA.

The audience (12 PAX and 3 interpreters) was selected carefully from the Army, Police and civil intelligence agency, though the basic idea of using the inter-agency approach in the C-IED fight had been understood. Despite the fact of using interpreters, the training showed a very active picture, in which the audience expressed disciplined and focusing behavior.

The closing ceremony was held on the 18th October. According to the reports, given by the training team and also that was experienced, this course was a really successful training event.