Chief of Transformation Workshop

Chief of Transformation WorkshopChief of Transformation Workshop

From Wednesday 18th till Friday 20th of September the 2nd Chief of Transportation Workshop convened in The Netherlands. This ACT event was hosted by Command & Control Centre of Excellence which is located in Utrecht. In this workshop the National Chiefs of Transformation representatives as well as 7NNN, COE, ACT and other NATO representatives were informed about the agenda and content of the Chief of Transformation Conference, which will be held in Norfolk, 10-12 December. This Conference is the opportunity for National COTs to discuss and talk with SACT and other National COTs about their own topics and the topics which are prepared by the ACT COTC team and refined by this workshop. The results of this workshop will be briefed to SACT, who will decide of implementing the suggestions to the next COTC.

This years’ COTC will be the last one of its kind. Most likely this event will return in another format and with another name in 2020. The WS emphasized it will be of value to give some clarity about this in December.