7th Meeting - SET-238

The 7th meeting of the SET-238 Research Task Group (RTG), “Side-Attack Threat Detection Strategies, Technologies and Techniques,” was held at the DLR, Microwaves and Radar Institute, Weßling, Bavaria, Germany on 15-16 May 2019. The meeting included a total of 6 participants representing 4 nations, DEU, GBR, NLD, USA, and Counter-IED (C-IED) COE. DLR presented an overview of the organization and capabilities. The group was also taken on a tour of the facilities and given more in depth presentations of projects being researched. Final results of some of the technologies were presented. The introduction, TTPs and threat sections of the report have already been written. The Netherlands and one of the German technologies already has a draft of their respective technologies. All draft pieces are due to the chairperson by mid-October so that the report can be compiled and an executive summary can be drafted. The final report is expected by the Spring of 2020.No pictures were taken during this meeting.