4th C-IED Steering Group meeting

4th steering4th C-IED Steering Meeting

The 4th meeting of the C-IED Steering Group was held at the Karlberg Castle, Military Academy, Stockholm (Sweden) on 27-29 May 2019. The meeting included 11 nations, ACT/capability monitor, SHAPE Infrastructure and Engineering, NATO IS/ESC, JFCBS, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, EOD CoE and Counter-IED (C-IED) CoE. The main discussions focused on the importance of maintaining C-IED as an independent discipline and sending the right message to nations and NATO, despite ACO transformation. Nations must continue to implement all C-IED pillars especially Attack the Network and NATO’s exercises must include C-IED in each level (Strategical, Operational and Tactical). Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, UK and Netherland provided interesting briefing on their national C-IED development.