EXERTER (Security of Explosives pan-European Specialist Network) research project Annual Workshop (AWS) 2022.


EXERTER project is a five years European Union Funded H2020 research project which seeks to connect practitioners into a pan-European network of explosives specialists. Project aims at identifying and promoting innovative methodologies, tools and technologies that will offer solutions in the fight against terrorism and serious crime, enhancing the overall Security of Explosives. The core of the EXERTER network brings together experts coming from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA), Military Institutes, Governmental and Civilian Research centers, Academia and Standards Organizations. An End user and Expert Community (EEC) has been established for improvement of this aims.

The network aims to highlight innovative methodologies, tools and technologies that could be part of solutions to enhance the overall Security of Explosives and fight against terrorism and serious crime. Discuss and lift needs, solutions, issues etc. within the network, among practitioners and within the explosives specialist community. The work evolves around research initiatives, standardisation & certification as well as market and product development, and tries to take a holistic approach to the issues raised by covering a large part of the course of events through the four response domains; prevent, detect, mitigate and react