Domex Course 21.1

DomexDomex Course 21.1

The first iteration of the DOMEX Collection and Processing in Support to Attack the Networks Course in 2021 (iteration 21.1) took place from 7 to 18 June 2021, at the C-IED CoE premises (Hoyo de Manzanares) and the “San Marcial Division” Headquarters (Burgos), in Spain. The two-weeks course covered overall DOMEX disciplines, including DOCEX, MEDEX and CELLEX, as well as UAV exploitation procedures, by lectures focused on scene analysis, forensics and collection, and processing of information gathered from items

The second week of the course faced practical scenarios where the instructors helped students developing the skills needed as DOMEX specialists. Students run through different scenarios simulating a complete incident environment, starting with receiving the task, being deployed to incident site, conducting the scene investigation, processing the items collected and finalizing with a basic analysis to understand the complete process. The support received by the “San Marcial Division” HQ, Spanish SOF Command, PIAM, USAREUR-AF and Spanish National Police have being highly appreciated and added value to fulfill the training requirements providing to the students skills in a high operational environment. The program allows to develop national capabilities filling the existing training gaps across the NATO countries and its partners.