8th C-IED Lessons Learned Workshop

LL WS8th C-IED Lessons Learned Workshop

C-IED COE held online the 8th C-IED Lessons Learned Workshop (LLWS) the 27th and 28th of April 2021. The event was forced to be online due to pandemic COVID-19 restrictions. The aim of the LLWS is to contribute to the NATO Lessons Learned process and to increase the knowledge of missions that different nations/agencies are conducting in countries with a high IED threat in order to facilitate and enhance interaction in the multinational C-IED community. The LLWS. The workshop was developed on the basis of three topics: a. SAHEL, what has been learned and what needs to be learned to face the next challenges. b. The awareness of the C-IED threat to security forces worldwide at the operational and strategic level. c. The new NATO Lessons Learned Portal and the C-IED Community of Interest.

Briefers from different units/organizations provided their point of view about the related topics. It is to be noted the willingness and work of the speakers. The different structures and procedures of organizations and units respond to the evolution of lessons learned throughout their activities. Not only is the information and knowledge exposed and shared in the LLWS important, but also the dissemination of C-IED culture. This supports the identification of C-IED as a common and shared problem. More than 60 participants attended this event.