Annual Discipline Conference

DCB UNAnnual Discipline Conference

The C-IED COE conducted the 7th C-IED Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) on 26th and 27th February 2020. During the ADC the C-IED community of interest discussed the (NATO) Operational C-IED related Education & Training (E&T) requirements. During this iteration of the ADC it is agreed that five existing E&T requirements are considered as solved: the Fictitious Training Threat Network, the WIT Supplement in a Maritime Environment Course, the WIT T3 Course, the DOMEX Course and the Technical Exploitation Exercise. No new NATO Operational E&T requirements were identified. There are two potential new requirements, both initiated by JFCBS, but for those requirements a more detailed description is requested. In case (one of) those requirements will be considered relevant, the C-IED COE planned a potential training need analysis in September 2020.