“Military Engineer Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS) is responsible of EOD/C-IED related operations according to National Legislation. Therefore, it has been established at the Hellenic Army Military Engineer (MILENG) School (Loytraki, Greece) the EOD/C-IED Centre which conducts a National EOD/C-IED Course per year (EORA, CMD, BCMD, IEDD etc), since 2011 and lasts 8 months per iteration.


The Hellenic MILENG School provides, through the EOD/C-IED Course and the EOD Staff Officers Course, a high level of training and proficiency to Greek Officers & NCOs according to National Regulation - Doctrines and NATO STANAGs. Greece also offers 2 EOD/C-IED related Courses for International students (ETOC Codes: AR-EN-BA-0037-EN and AR-EN-BA-0039-EN) and participates in NATO C-IED WGs and SGs.”