5th C-IED TECH WS Introduction


The NATO C-IED Centre of Excellence (C-IED CoE) organizes the 5th C-IED Technology Workshop (TWS) along three days on biannual basis.

The aim of the C-IED Technology Workshop (C-IED TWS) is to gather experts to share relevant C-IED information and operational experiences in support of the C-IED CoI, to enhance academic, industry, law enforcement, and military coordination of technology development across the entire C-IED threat spectrum and to provide an assessment of whether current capabilities remain adequate in the face of evolving threats.

The scheme of the event will consist of a set of panels, based on lectures followed by further discussion periods to let delegates interact. Attendees will have also the opportunity to receive direct information from companies about current and future proposals to facilitate C-IED/CIT capability enhancing.

In the 5th C-IED Technology Workshop different panels are going to be presented through analysing the following selected topics;

  • C-IED Research & Development initiatives;
  • Future Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems solutions related to IED incidents;
  • Advanced Stand-off detection and Neutralization Technologies;
  • Technical Exploitation for Operational needs;
  • C-IED Threat Mitigation;

During C-IED TWS attendees can walk around exhibitors’ area and to watch live demos.

The C-IED Technology Workshop is an excellent meeting point to gather experts from military, law enforcement, industry and academia to enable an exchange of views and troubleshooting of the various technology issues and capability gaps dealing with the IED threat. Increasing communication between the relevant communities of interest in this way will support the network of subject matter experts in their efforts to collectively solve future.