Department Head (DH) C-IED CoE

The Global programming is a structure for E&T in NATO to ensure that operational requirements are developed into E&T products and that these are in line with the political/military guidance. The C-IED COE as the appointed Department Head for Training (DH) for the C-IED discipline has an important role in this structure, translating the requirements and developing or supervising the programmes, modules or courses that address the training gaps. 

Amongst others, the C-IED COE DH’s responsibilities aligned with the NATO E&T guidance and directives are encompassing:

  • Coordination with the Requirement Authority (RA) to ensure education and training meet NATO requirements.
  • Support to the RA and ACT JFT in developing an adaptive and flexible Strategic Training Plan.
  • Support to the RA and ACT JFT in conducting the revision of the Training Requirements Analysis which includes recommended solutions for identified gaps and redundancies (this is conducted in the annual discipline conference).
  • Lead/approval of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) in order to define learning and enabling objectives which are required to eliminate performance gaps.
  • Lead of the C-IED E&IT development process and submission of developed curriculums to JFT for accreditation and/or incorporation in ETOC/e-ITEP (Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue/ electronic-Individual Training and Education Program).
  • Once accredited, observe on behalf of JFT that all C-IED programmes, modules and courses are designed, developed and conducted in accordance with the established E&IT educational standards, to include course core elements: Instructional guides and course description.
  • Determination of Educational Standards to which the programme, modules and courses will adhere.
  • Support COE to Sponsoring Nations, NATO entities and beyond to ensure high level of quality of C-IED training.
  • Lead, on behalf of JFT, an annual Discipline Conference (DC), with participation from the Community of Interest (RA, Subject Matter Experts (SME), E&T Institutions, COEs and PTECs (Partnership Training and Education Centres), to ensure that all C-IED E&T is aligned and manifested in the Discipline Alignment Plan (Bi-SC 75-7).

C-IED COE’s commitment to an enhanced quality of C-IED E&T aims to ensure a match between each learner’s skills and the knowledge acquisition from the appropriate course through interview, appropriate guidance and diagnostic assessment.