Annual discipline conference (ADC)

ADC meetingThe ADC supports the sustainment of the discipline. During this meeting, the participants assess the adequacy of the E&T Programme, the current individual and

collective solutions used to satisfy up-to-date NATO E&T Requirements. The intent is to ensure the E&T Programme for a discipline remains aligned with evolving

requirements, available technology and resources.


As the ADC is about the coordination of solutions, the DH organizes and leads this annual conference. At the ADC, the RA will inform the participants on changes to the requirements

and the DH will report on the steps (already) taken to resolve these changes.


The next ADC in the C-IED discipline will take place in the COE C-IED the next 02th-04th March 2022. The official letters for the preparation of this conference have been already sent to the main stakeholders and all the  work documents will be uploaded in the restricted COE C-IED web (registered needed).

The final report of the ADC is the Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP)