Prepare the Force

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Prepare the Force

Prepare the force activity is applicable to all force components and describes the necessary measures to ensure the force is prepared for operations and enabled to deliver the C-IED approach and its component capabilities. The force requires thorough understanding of the operating environment and the C-IED approach. In order to deliver C-IED capability, coherent and supporting Lines of Development (LoD) are required. Not least the force must be appropriately organized, interoperable with other allies and the host nation, manned, equipped, sustained, educated in doctrine, and trained in TTPs to the level required for their operational role. This capability will be developed from a mix of the commander’s guidance, the outputs of the residual experience in the JOA, the lessons process, and technology and contributions from the other C-IED pillars. Commanders must ensure that intelligence on IEDs and related adversary TTPs is quickly disseminated and that friendly TTPs can be modified to be as up-to-date, appropriate and effective as possible. All maneuver commanders and their forces must be familiar with the appropriate TTPs for mitigation and reacting to IED Events, as well as familiarity with the range of specialist capabilities available to support them and how to task these.

 C-IED Prepare the Force deals with: 

  • Supporting the determination of requirements and objectives within the Alliance in the matter of multinational education, training and exercises. In the wide IED “community of interests”, lead by HQ SACT, COE C-IED aims to support in the task of harmonisation of allied C-IED training activities.
  • Developing, in coordination with HQ SACT, advanced multinational courses for C-IED experts that, during the course of their duties, deal with the areas covering Doctrine, Education and Training, Evaluation and C-IED Lessons Learned.
  • Constitute ad-hoc Mobile Advisory Teams to provide TCNs with advice and guidance to better prepare troops for deployment and in assist and advice nations to build aClassroom national training strategy,
  • Supporting, at the request of an allied Nation, the development of training and exercises on occasion of, for example, High Visibility Events.
  • Supporting the Alliance in the design of C-IED scenarios for multinational exercises.
  • Planning, promoting and holding conferences, seminars, symposiums and meetings discussing C-IED education, training and exercises.
  • Coordinating with other allied education and training centres in order to avoid duplication.
  • Delivering teaching material, manuals and audiovisual programs.
  • Controlling all the teaching and training material located in the class rooms and in the stores of the COE.
  • Supporting the analysis of C-IED Lessons Learned in coordination with the Joint Analysis Lessons Learned Centre.