Attack the Networks

Attack the Networks Piramyd
Attack the Networks

Attack the Networks Branch is responsible in the Centre of Excellence for implementing an essential pillar in the C-IED fight, requiring a joint, interagency and multinational approach. It consists of largely offensive and proactive activities, driven by intelligence that may go beyond the theatre of operations, designed to disrupt the networks of the adversary’s IED System.

Attack the Networks Main Efforts: Support to NATO Human Network Analysis & Targeting. Support to Biometric and Exploitation Concepts Develop. Predictive Analysis of Global IED Threats. Fostering interagency cooperation
Attack the Networks Main Efforts

Their objectives are to:

  • Identify the adversary’s current or potential Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.
  • Identify emerging IED threats and predicting future actions.
  • Assist in the development of C-IED analysis priorities.
  • Make C-IED recommendations within their working areas, to limit the threat of IED attacks and undermining the adversary’s capability and will.

Additionally, Attack the Networks Branch also:

  • Elaborates IED incident reports from multiple sources IED information.
  • Contributes in the development of advanced C-IED multinational courses for specialists.
  • Analyzes adversary’s Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.
  • Identifies emerging threats and predicts future actions for IED scenarios.
  • Supports the dissemination of information on new technical C-IED capabilities.
  • Elaborates intelligence reports and recommendations on IED threat trends and future adversary capabilities.
  • Supports dissemination of new technical capabilities applicable to C-IED prediction-prevention.

To perform the aforementioned activities, AtN Branch relays on experts from different key areas, such as Biometrics, Electronic Warfare, HUMINT, Counter Terrorism, Targeting, Analysis Methodologies and IED’s in Maritime Environments